Info on Comodo DNS


New forum member but have been using Comodo Firewall since 3.1 and just recently started using Comodo’s Secure DNS addresses. I did testing with Gibson’s DNS benchmark and Comodo was on top, OpenDNS and Clearcloud were trailing surprisingly far behind for cached and uncached speeds. It also passed “excelent” with their DNS leak test.

I’ve read on these forums that Comodo’s DNS works of UltraDNS servers. Does Comodo have their own privacy policy regarding logged and shared user info or is this governed by UltraDNS?

Using Comodo DNS, what of my information is logged, for how long and who is it shared with?

Thanks in advance.

edit: meant Ultra, not OpenDNS.

I have the same question of RWUK. Can please Someone inside comodo share this information with us?

+1 Would like to used Comodo DNS too and have the same question of RWUK as well.

Any response at all please?

I’ll Request an Staff Member to Comment;


Thank you.

Its almost a month since RWUK’s last post where he has asked a very pertinent question,

Will somebody please care to answer it? I too have the very same query…


I guess I am part of the club too, because I have been wondering about this question/issue for a long time too, and I have been waiting for someone to either voluntarily provide this information and/or to answer this poor (not meant as an insult) man or woman’s question; “Have mercy on an old war veteran.” -TES IV Begger Quote ;D :wink:

I fear that the Comodo DNS team may no longer be with us, let us pray that they are okay. :wink: Joke

May Athena guide and protect them, amen. :wink: Joke

I wonder why COMODO goes silent or ducks whenever a privacy related question is asked. I have come across few posts in these forums where privacy related questions have not been addressed to as they should have been. Either there is deafening silence like on this one or some vague, shy replies are provided as in one of the posts related to TrustConnect.

Is Comodo hiding something? Are they using our private information to help themselves keep most of their products free? or is it that Comodo does not respect privacy concerns of the comodo product users?

This attitude from Comodo is discouraging.

It has been so long (days, weeks, months, and maybe a year(s) for some) since I and others had asked some questions about privacy issues in several places about several Comodo Products here at the forums, that I had forgot/forgotten about our questions, thank you for reminding me. :smiley:

This is bothering me again, now that you reminded me, though I did receive a vague response once; and the full answers have not come yet, but at least someone responded at least once. :slight_smile:

Hopefully these issues will be addresses or some of us will keep bringing them up, now that you reminded me. :smiley:

I guess the silence technique worked against us, but now we have been Re-Awakened, hahahahahahaha! >:-D >:-D >:-D