ok im haveing a problem iv been use 3rd party software cracks and such. and my internet and porcess responce time has slowed i WAS infected but COMODO said it removed it did it miss something? im confused i i dont seem clean something in keeps yelling INFECTED! oh and Comdo has been acting wierd like locking up and freezing

Hello. You do often get alot of malware from Crack software and such…
Switch defense+\firewall into safe mode. Then go to

Comodo → Defense+ → Advanced → Security policy. Now Remove anything that looks suspecious.
Comodo → Firewall → Advanced → Network Security Policy. Now remove anything that looks suspecious.

Go to Comodo → Defense+ → Common → View active process list. Teminate anything that looks suspecious. (Use google to search for things if you are unsure!!)

Now you should scan your system with MBAM\SAS and AVIRA free. If possible, please submit the missed samples to comodo.

thank you very much :slight_smile: