Ineffective IP Blocking on Free Firewall

I wasn’t sure if this is the right forum, and I didn’t see any other posts on this, so please handle appropriately if I made a mistake.

I’m having a problem blocking IP ranges in executables that I want to allow others to pass through. I can’t seem to get right how to block certain ranges of ip’s in .exe’s (firefox, svchost, etc.) without asked what I want to do for every IP address. Here are specifics

*Can’t set allow all ip connections and have an “Ask” rule for certain ranges at the same time. Will allow all to pass through unless I turn Alert Settings to Very High.

*Want to block certain IPs that are designated in the Network Security Policy table, but allow any that don’t fall into that as to avoid constant verification of allowing/blocking access.

*Using the “EXCLUDE” checkbox when trying to block/allow ip ranges is completely useless and just lets the connections in.

Any help on this is much appreciated. Thanks.

EDIT: Also, this is off-topic, but does anyone recommend a good IPtable, or at least a file of registered companies to IP addresses? Thanks


Once you have setup your Rules, you need to create a ‘Block’ Rule; to Block all other IP’s.

To see how, click here. (It will fast-forwards 5 Min’s to the correct part).