Individual vs Corporate, class 1 vs class 2, Code Signing vs Secure Email


Your information and advertisement material is not very clear.

  1. The only Email certificates proposed in the Home section are the completely useless (because the Full Name is not mentioned) class 1 certificates that you give away for free. Because of this, I went to GlobalSign and actually purchased a class 2 “real” certificate. You just lost a sale here.

  2. The web site never says anywhere that we can buy INDIVIDUAL Code Sgning certificates. I discovered that this option exists just by luckily putting a dummy Company name in the mandatory field of corporate code signing form and then discuss with your validation team. You almost lost a sale here.

[Edit] (I thought I received an additional class 1 cert with my Code Signing but I was wrong.)

Actually, given the high price of code signing certificate and the fact that you already spent time checking my identity (and a lot of time due to your heavy processes…) you could have added the “Secure Email” key usage to the code signing certificate, THAT would be a competitive advantage.

Thanks for reading down here.