Indication of AV activated

Where would an indication of whether the Comodo AV function is activated or not appear?
I update Comodo whenever it advises that updates are available, however, as I have a standalone AV program I do not want the Comodo AV function to run and possibly cause conflict, so I’m a bit concerned that these updates may install and activate the AV function…
I did not check it (AV) at install (I think) but would like to be sure it is not running.
In the ‘Summary’ window I have ‘System Status’ Network Defense’ and ‘Proactive Defense’ showing.

If you did not install the antivirus, then it should not be active. I also believe that CIS will only update the CIS components that you have installed (in other words, it will not activate realtime antivirus protection if you did not have it before). If the antivirus is installed, you should have a “virus defense” section on your summary screen.

Personally, I installed Comodo antivirus and shut off the realtime scanning. I use another antivirus for realtime scanning. However, since I installed comodo antivirus, I can use it as an on-demand scanner.

When the antivirus is installed, there are two easy ways to see if the antivirus is running in realtime:

  1. Summary Screen in CIS - In the “Virus Defense” section, it says “The real time scanner is set to” followed by the antivirus setting. (see top of attached pic)

2)Right-click the Comodo tray icon on the right side of the windows task bar. A menu pops up. On this menu, click on “Antivirus security level.” The current antivirus security level will have a check mark beside it. (see bottom of attached pic).

Note: When the Antivirus is set to “disabled”, the realtime antivirus protection is turned OFF. If you are using another antivirus program for realtime protection, you should set Comodo antivirus to “disabled.” The “stateful” and “on access” settings indicate that Comodo antivirus realtime protection is ON.

Here is more detailed information on the antivirus settings (from the help file):
On Access - Provides the highest level of On Access Scanning and protection. Any file opened will be scanned before it is run and the threats are detected before they are getting a chance to be executed.
Stateful - Not only is Comodo Internet Security one of the most thorough and effective AV solutions available, it is also very fast. CIS employs a feature called Stateful File Inspection ™ for real time virus scanning to minimize the effects of on-access scanning on the system performance. Selecting the ‘Stateful’ option means CIS scans only files that have not been scanned since the last virus update - greatly improving the speed, relevancy and effectiveness of the scanning.
Disabled - The Real time scanning is disabled. Antivirus does not perform any scanning and the threats cannot be detected before they impart any harm to the system.

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