Incremental backup, snapshots

I would like to know how CB (v4.1.3.51) works with incremental backups with respect to Snapshots.

The case is:

  1. I backup the folder A, with file 1 and file 2, from a saved profile.
  2. The first back is full, resulting in Snapshot 0.
  3. Then I delete the file 1 and add another file: file 3.
  4. I run the backup, resulting in Snapshot 1.
  5. I load Restore for that profile, and in Snapshot 1 there are all files to restore, that is file 1, file 2 and file 3.

In snapshot 1 should appear only file 2 and file 3 because file 1 was deleted before Snapshot 1.
However, when the backup is working, the description is correct, for example “…deleting file 1…”.

Why this behavior?

It is interesting that the snapshots only show the folders and files that were present when the backup task was loaded. It seem to be that each snapshot is accumulative, showing all files and folders. I thought the idea with CB was to have a “timeline” folder and files versions.