Incremental backup does NOT work on Thunderbird backup, HELP!

OMG, this is a nightmare… I had the previous version of Comodo Backup I guess version 2… and it worked so simply and perfect… but I got a new laptop so I installed the newest version of Comodo and I CANNOT get it working - firstly I’ve installed and uninstalled it like 4 times at least… I finally got the version 4 PRO beta and I THOUGHT I had finally got it working… but NO! I select incremental backup and every time it runs to backup my Thunderbird email - it does a full backup copying all 4GB of emails instead of just the last updated files…

I have spent countless amount of time trying to find the previous version of Comodo to download, can someone PLEASE give me a link the version before 3.0 - or help getting this working?! PLEEEEEEEEEEASE

I was trying to use a crucial thumb drive to back up to, is that really what was causing the incremental backup not to work?


In 2.x version only full backups were supported, same for mail clients backup in 3.x version.

In 4.x version there is incremental backup for mail clients, but it’s performed at files & directories level, not for new/changed emails.
So, if the file where emails are stored changes completely, an incremental backup will contain the entire file, else only the 64KB blocks that changed.