Incorrect DNS redirection?

I’m using Comodo dragon with secure DNS, ad today I noticed that whenever I try to go to the site I get redirected to If I disable secure DNS everything is fine. And yesturday everything was fine too.

Hi Maniak2000,
I just this and am not experiencing the same issue.
Please try clearing your browsing data and see if the problem persists.


I too checked & no prob here.

I cleaned everything with CTRL+Shift+Del (except saved passwords), and it didn’t help. I checked again, If I disable SecureDNS in CD settings then everything loads fine, if I check it again i get redirected to the site mentioned above. Other browsers load the correct site, that’s why I belive it’s SecureDNS problem. And this is the only site (so far) with such a problem.

Hi Maniak2000,
The site is still loading correctly here with SecureDNS.
Have you any possible conflicting 3rd party extensions?

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Today the site has been cracked. Now works normally.

Hello, i have similar problem.

It’s not always but sometimes it just redirects to another site.

Today, i tried and get redirected to an nonexistent page at

disabled addons, cleaned cache and problem persists. (check screenshots)

I disable SecureDNS (with or without cleaning cache/disable addons) and it works normally.

As i said it’s not permanent. It might work fine for several days and suddenly gets redirect-crazy. (last time was a couple weeks ago)

Thank you.


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After changing the DNS servers restart your browser and clear DNS cache to start with a clean DNS cache.