Inconsistent Sandbox Behavior

CIS Version 4.1.150349.920
Windows XP Pro SP3

When using the Sandbox automatically, I have to click OK on the sandbox popup several times after each reboot, and the programs seem to have full reign of the drive they are on, but not other drives, nor directly mounted paths. However, when I set programs that work fine in the default sandbox to always go to the sandbox, they no longer function. It seems to me that the virtualization features of the sandbox don’t work for programs automatically sandboxed.
I also wasn’t getting the defense+ prompts I desired from applications not in the sandbox, regardless of defense+ settings due to the fact that they were trusted programs. I disabled the sandbox to resolve these two issues, and I prefer to leave it disabled and have functionality similar whan I was familiar with in CIS (I don’t mind all the popups required to get a configuration I’m happy with) but I’m wondering if this is really the intent of the sandboxing feature.

The automatic sandboxing does not apply virtualization as you have noticed.

Are you running D+ in Paranoid mode?