Incoming Mail scan not working in Thunderbird


Never had to post before but has anyone else had this problem? The outgoing scan works fine, I get the popup screen and my mails certify Emails as ‘Scanned and Virus Free’ with the Email Signature. But for the incoming I get neither. Thanks Guys.

Same here - are they working on a new version/patch to fix this, as Norton’s etc never had a problem with Thunderbird, but since changing to Comodo it’s the only thing not working for me.

(Although I would like to have the Launchpad disabled and a seperate tray icon for the Anti-Virus and Firewall, or put them together - going through the launch pad to get to the Anit-Virus is annoying and disabling Launch pad means no tray icon for Anti-Virus)

Hmm, I may have to install CPF at home, where I have TB, and look at that. I must say, tho, that while I have the email icon appear/disappear as I send/rcv using Outlook, I’ve never seen anything certifying virus free (such as AVG does). Didn’t ever cross my mind to think about it; TrendMicro doesn’t put anything, neither did McAfee when I used that. Maybe I have a setting disallowing the email sig.

Here’s a question for you (and I don’t know the answer; maybe someone else does) ~ We know CMain.exe is CAVS GUI app. Is there not a way that this can be added to the sys tray? Seems to me that there should be…

In looking a little further, I found (I had not known this) that CAVS/Settings/Email Scan/Advanced has two boxes to check if you want certification of emails (incoming, outgoing). I don’t think I had ever messed with that, and both were empty.

My question for you is (and I make no presumption either way) , are both options activated for you?
If not, see if that resolves the issue…