Incoming Email forOutlook 2003 is interrupted and displays error

I am new to this forum and I already have my blood boiling. After installing this program, incoming email messages were not imported because Comodo interrupted the process. Thid is what the message is saying at the bottom of Outllook with very nice Send/Receive error.

If this is what I am getting into, count me out.

How do you fix this now?


Hello Pat,

We need more data from you to help you with the issue.

Could you provide us with the following:

1)what version of CSE have you installed?
2)what Windows version do you use?
3)what other security products (antiviruses, firewalls, antispam software) do you have installed?
4)what are your current email settings in Outlook?

1)what are your port settings in CSE (Protocols Tab in SecureEmail Configuration)?
2)screenshot of the error message you mentioned

If you need any assistance to provide us with the information, we will be glad to give you required guidance.

Best regards,