Incoming delivery queue full of spam

Has anyone else had the following problem. It seems to have started and got worse over the last two weeks. I get an alert that emails are stuck in the incoming delivery queue and when I look at the queue it is full of messages on the way to quarantine. Our mail server is up and there are no problems if Comodo tried to make a connection to it. I have attached a screen shot of the incoming queue with the destination domain covered.

Thanks in advance.


In our case, most if not all these emails have no headers. This seems to take longer to clear out than it used to take. If you click on the see headers button, do you get any? I get a blank box.


Well spotted louyo all the ones taking a while to clear have no headers and also no delay reasons. I wonder if Comodo will pop up or do we need to rasie a support ticket. Be nice if they were watching this forum.

Probably best to contact support, they seem to always be responsive. I haven’t seen much activity here since MichelB left.

Since the recovery from this morning’s debacle, I’m noticing a delivery queue that just keeps growing. Most of it is spam but not all. No headers when you check that.

Thank you, we had seen that from the other thread about the outage. It does not, however, explain:

  1. Why the input queue is growing constantly.
  2. Why we don’t seem to be getting any response from support.


mail queue built up…should go down soon.

  1. We have fully recovered, currently the queue size returned normal.
  2. I will check with the support, but like the email queue, support was also so busy during 9 hours outage. Today was really extra ordinary day. We will transfer our service to another datacenter with better SLAs and uptime.

Inbound queues are still stuck with myself and five clients all with messages over 24 hours still there. This is not good even with the fault resolved ASG still seems to have problems which have been there for a while and this outage has made it worse.

Looks like we went back to normal early this morning. Nothing over 25 minutes in there now.

This problem is back again and stopping delivery of valid emails. Anyone else having this issues as I am seeing it on multiple clients?

Saw this earlier but it didn’t affect good mail.

This was temporary issue this morning, and already fixed.