Incoming connection to System and svchost Applications


I am sing CIS 8 and Windows 7 x64 Home PRemium

I have set System and svchost applications to Outgoing only. I have noticed multiple blocked incoming connections to System and svchost. I’ve noticed it’s from my smart tv Sony Bravia and MAcBookPro. Both want to connect via the same ports: TV via 2869 port and MacBookPRo 137. Do you think I should allow to pass incoming connection from local network? Both devices are within the same LAN.

I think it should be fine for you to allow local network connections. You sound like you are at home. So you should not have any issues since it is you and your devices connecting to the net.
While connecting to another PC, it’s typically for file sharing or printing.

To allow this, create multiple rules.

  1. Allow incoming if it is in local network (you can probably even specify which specific IP to allow. Systems in question should have static IP’s).
  2. Allow Outgoing.
  3. Block everything else.

Google a bit and you should be able to create the rules.