incoming connection to svchost from local IP

i have comodo firewall v5
i am connected to internet through unencrypted private wifi hotspot,everyday different local ip addressees(at the moment my ip is and other incoming IPs are for example …) asking to connect to svchost and windows operation system usually in these ports 445 80 137 138 139 443
i guess these may be intrusion attacks and block them.
i use utorrent and it has localpeer discovery feature,is this the reason why i receive such requests?if it is true,then is it safe to allow these attempts?
thanks in advance.

Hello Hagi_Mostafa;

443/80 Are HTTP/S Ports

137/8/9 are NetBIOS Handling Ports;

I would recommend setting svchost as “OutGoing Only” *
Note: You may loose connection if you have done this
* Reason Recommended is for ‘security’ purposes ; ie Your Computer will only make the connections no other source may access svchost (network wise)

What seems to be happening is other computers have ‘Automatically search for network folders and printers’ enabled thus are just probing around to see other computers if they have ‘shared folders/public folders’

Hope this helps

Also; For Information on torrent clients please see this article


excellent,i did it already.
but one last question:i added utorrent as safe application,is it dangerous?

Dangerous? I wouldn’t think so (The only variable making this such is if you have defense+ enabled)

Hope this helps