Inbuilt CCE

What is the default heuristics setting in inbuilt CCE?

Can any one check & tell me?

CIS latest version 6.3.302093.2976

Inbuilt CCE version 6.3.294583.2937, confirm this too plz.

My Standalone version (2.5.242177.201) has the heuristics set to Low.

You dont have CIS & inbuilt CCE installed?


Sorry naren, I have them installed separately.


Anyone plzz?

What’s keeping you from seeing for yourself? The setting can be changed easily, right?

I know it can be changed easily.

I want to know the default heur setting. Help files has no details of the options i.e CIS help files.

By Default, It’s set to low.


Thanxx for the info.

No Problem; You have a good Day