Inbound queue alerts

Is it just my customers or have the inbound queue alerts stop working since the data center move?

Asking before I raise a ticket.

Hi Willard,

I can suggest you raise a support ticket with more details, because we don`t see any general problem in our other customers.


Just wanted to add my comments. I have tested this issue on all my client accounts and the same results that since the move inbound alerts do not work.

I raised a ticket to be told that the second level had informed them that message delivery has been solved after issues during the move, do they read the tickets of just fob us off.

As during the move after not having any messages delivered for over 24 hours and just sitting there in the queue. A ticket was raised after a lot of shouting on my part they agreed there might be a problem.

I like the service but development, testing and support really do let it down. Some people at Comodo go out of there way but others do not care. Even the issues around the move were put down to things that did not show up in testing well maybe you didn’t test it in full.