Inbound messages stuck in queue

All my clients have messages stuck in the inbound queue some for many days whilst other get through.

Many different servers and had a ticket open since moving to new platform with no real answers from Comodo support.

Any one else have this issue.

see 3 or 4 in there but they show blank headers which usually means they are bogus. One looks like it could be legit (but still shows no headers), will check it out again in the morning.

Issue getting worse as have all clients with held incoming messages for no reason and alerts now not working and still no reply from support, expect we are looking into it. This is th second time this has happened in six months.

Clients want me to move them due to seeing message but cant get them delivered. Force delivery has been removed from new platform.

Ours finally emptied, I don’t think any were “real email”. It used to be that bogus emails in there had blank headers and the system could be slow to delete. I think you are right that alerts stopped working. We are probably going to drop ASG when current license runs out.