in file list comodo files marked as unrecognized

Why are all the files of comodo in file rating marked as untrecognized?

Which files? Could you post a screenshot?

Here are samples of it. No matter what a setting I choose (i.e. Internet Security).
CIS v12 …6818

As I got the blue screen yesterday again I played back my backup with vers.11 again. In this version all the comodo files are marked in the file list as trusted.

Could that be the problem with the blue screen?

Furthermore, I didn’t know that it is a problem with v12, in vodafonemail the dashboard couldn’t been opend ("Uups, there is a… a.s.o.). With vers11 no problem.

Hi prodex,

I have the same problem. Since I wrote the report, please write the software you are using.

Hi prodex,

Thanks for reporting,we are investigating the issue.
Please also check if “Cloud Lookup” and “Trust files installed by trusted installer” option is enabled.