In despair of Comodo Support

Again I find myself posting a simple support issue to a forum where it doesn’t belong, in despair of Comodo Support.

It began last month. I could not (and still cannot) log in to my UserTrust account. I use the correct login and password (you know, the ones which Comodo confirms back to you in an e-mail following account setup), and I am told that either or both are incorrect. I try the ‘Forgot Password’ option (knowing full well that I haven’t forgotten anything) and am told “Account not found”. In other words, I can’t even get a new password. Totally locked out.

What do you think Comodo’s response to this has been? I posted an urgent support ticket on 21 May and heard nothing back for almost a week. That response was the helpful gem of advice to use the ‘Forgot Password’ option. I posted a reply on 29 May saying what I just said above, and requested an urgent response. Any reply since then do you think? Absolutely zip. Nothing. Two weeks down the track with no resolution and immense frustration at Comodo’s non-responsive and ineffectual Support.

I tried Live Chat with Support last night to fix it. More than three hours later, communicating everything except a solution, my chat session gets terminated. Do you think the problem was fixed? No chance.

Comodo, please tell me what I need to do to get Comodo Support to provide support? What do I have to do to obtain a resolution to this simple logon issue?

Am got the same problem also that I refer clients tp them now i look soon bad because they tell me why you send to a cheap stuff that dont work go :frowning:

Have you tried signing up again? Usually support can be found here in the forum. It sounds like, for whatever reason when you signed up for Trust Connect your signup didn’t “take” on comodo’s server/system. My best suggestion is to try signing up again.


Please send me a PM with your UserTrust account username and I will try to get this resolved or escalate to our system admins.

I try 5 time stay some error

Ok I send it now but your need to might work on this site to much problem signup or error on the page