Improving import/export features (will also help when reinstalling CIS)

Here is what I posted in the usability forum. Feel free to make comments so we can fine tune these ideas.

Consider adding the ability to import/export the following:

  • Security configuration (CIS already has this, but I wanted to make a complete list)
  • Blocked network zones (blocked IP addresses) - Posted here.
  • Blocked applications
  • All CIS Data (including security configuration, settings, firewall & D+ rules, trusted/protected/safe items, blocked items, scan profiles, exclusion lists, etc.)

A list of blocked IP addresses and applications can be developed by Comodo or users. This list can then be distributed to help improve protection (posted here).

The ability to import/export this info will be very handy when performing a re-install or upgrade of CIS (see this post by Xan). During an uninstall, CIS would automatically ask if you want to export anything on the above list. During install, the installation wizard would ask if your would like to import anything on the above list (and it would automatically search for a list of importable items within a specified folder, so you simply select the import from a list).

It would be nice if the IP blocker could use blocklist formats of Peer Guardian and Bluetack. It would also need the possibility to not block ports 80 and 443, may be custom ports as well(?), so it won’t interfere with surfing.

Let’s also add a Configuration Editor :comodo110:

On a similar note:

When I reload my old config file after having updated, I worry that I import various other outdated rules and settings.
The default rules that Comodo installs have changed with the different versions, especially D+ rules related to Comodo’s and Windows system files.
I can “reset” the default firewall rules by re-applying the “Stealth Ports Wizard” to set them properly.
But there is no similar way to “reset” the default portions of the rules with D+ and instead they will be overwritten with outdated and potentially less secure settings.

I would like to be able to import+export just my firewall settings.
Or, to import my old config, then import the D+ portion of one of the default config’s like “Internet Security” into my custom config to update.