Improvement to end user experience - Major design issues

As annoyed with this product as I am, I will try to stay positive.
The problem is we are not seeing any development with the SecureDNS project.
Do you plan to release updates of what was fixed?
Any news (is there any news) on updates, bug fixes, and priority roadmap for development…
Are we wasting out time as ALPHA testers?

Main issue: Major issue - sites that are clean are marked “Malicious” for no known reasons.
Where are you getting your information?
You request we check with webinspector and URLVOID, but why isn’t Comodo checking against these listing in the first place?
Why and how are the sites being marked Malicious?

If it were not so hard, and so limited number of overrides, maybe not such a big deal.

Major Issue - THE OFF BUTTON does not work. NONE of the categories are checked in the control panel. We should not be seeing blocks for anything. Listed STEP 6 Below.

Steps to reproduce misery:

Step 1. UNSAFE WEBSITE BLOCKED. - Choose “Continue”
Step 2. Login
Step 3. Choose how long to allow. Perminant (typo), its PERMANANT! Click “Continue”
Step 4. Domain Permissive Interface. You will wait forever unless you LOG IN AGAIN. Password not retained (security issue? by design currently?) Most people will give up here.
Step 5. Select Network. (ONLY ONE, okay I guess, we have several offices and will need a fake email address for each one.)
Step 6. Confirm your override is entered. (Note that all categories are unchecked, nothing should be blocked)
Step 7. Now what? Its a dead end. You are not redirected back to the site you just trusted. Pressing the back, back, back button will not work. The site you came from is gone.
Step 8. Now access the site that should have never been blocked in the first place and get on with your live.
Step 9. Another user calls the help desk. Go back to Step 1.

Please at least let us know when and if resources will be put towards development, or let us know its on hold.