improvement on Antivirus scanner Engine and malware removal

Hello forums/ Mods

I was wondering if there is a possibility of improving comodo’s Antivirus scanner engine like reduced false positives and its malware removal ability then people like me and others would stop using other antivirus like Avast MSE Avira

This is my important request

let Comodo be tested by AV comparatives

Anyone who wants to test CIS can do so. They do not need permission from Comodo.

AV comparatives it a antivirus testing company which tests Antivirus product/ suite with the permission of the AV company and the settings recommended by the av company

Hello Magebane. :slight_smile: I am not a Forum or a Mod, but I thought I would give some input anyway.
IMO there is a lot of misconception about CAV, in the past yes maybe FPs, low detections etc but a lot has improved in recent versions… Yes there is a possibilty of improvement, and as with any product CAV will continue to improve with time. IMO it is already up with the others, and AV comparitives is not the only testing organization available. Check Here for example.
Also if Stubborn malware is present this product here might come in handy. Kind regards.

AV comparatives is a testing company that charges a fee in order to test a product. They don’t really want permission, they want money… 88)