Improved AV ENGINE !

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Check out our[size=14pt] improved Anti-Virus Engine![/size]

Take advantage of the FREE update to Comodo Internet Security 8.2 when you are prompted. Or can do this yourself by checking the program updates !

Reminder: We SEARCH and DESTROY the malware your antivirus missed. 8) 8) Comodo Internet Security – It’s more than just Protection…It’s total control ! :-TU :-TU

Please place here your comments and suggestions about AV Engine improvements !

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Has detection rate been improved?

Improved on what ?

Add more generic signatures for adwares/PUPs, please!!

… and phishings !

I agree. We need higher detection rate.

Nope. It’s not in the change log of the release topic.

Detection rate is not a function of the local av program but is determined by how Comodo collects malware.

Keep in mind, CIS is and has always been, a default deny security suite. AV is the last line of defense.

Hmm…I thought sandbox/HIPS was the last line of defense…

So, if I use Comodo, I should get an Antivirus (Both software together).

CIS is a suite. AV is included with this suite.

Hi Buket,

Good day! Thanks for the update.

How do we know/check if CIS is updated to the improved AV engine?

Well so far I see a minor improvement in overall av performance. But still the av spike the cpu when I open the folder full with shortcuts. And during a full system scan av it is a cpu killer. From my point of view we need a scan performance option in full system scan settings(low, medium, high) like avast has(I think it is related to processor affinity). Because the current scan priority is useless IMHO. You need to work in this area because this is the biggest minus of comodo av. So I love the fact that you guys are working on av performance but still there is a long road till comodo av will have the same performance like other great names in av industry.

Hi RealNature,
Like what is in the screenshot?

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Hi there. Yes but with the proper adjustment. The current one is only for priority if another process require cpu usage(over all you will still have a high cpu usage). For instance if you select the background one, if no other process is running comodo av will use 80-90% cpu wear. So doesn’t help solving the issue of overheating and poor performance during a full scan. I know for quite some time I’m complaining about the av performance, but that is only because I see so many disadvantages in using comodo av on a laptop. Only solution I find right now with full system scan is to change the CPU affinity either in windows task manager(if you don’t use hips) or in KillSwitch (if you use hips) and chose only one core for cavwp.exe. So if Comodo doesn’t find a real solution for this one at least ad this minor tweak in full system scan menu(ability to choose the affinity).

Hi Guys,

The main differences between the old engine and the new engine are:

  1. RAR5 format support
  2. Unicode support to RAR5 module added.
  3. Make CIS AV update process lighter on system resources & optimization merging of AV-bases
  4. Support new 7-zip version

Comodo provides you 360 degree protection with the default deny technology; antivirus engine is just a piece of this protection system. :-TU

The main point here to discuss is what do you think about the performance ? Did you realise an improvement during AV updates and scanning process ?

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when will you reduce the data base size? it is getting bigger. 270mb try to reduce the data base size for people who have slow net coonections. please do somthing.

Hi Buket,

Is it possible to give me a list of all extensions supported by antivirus COMODO?
it really Comodo supports extensions UPX and obfuscated ?


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Thanks buketB :-TU