Improve Comodo Firewall ?

Hi Everybody,
First, GREAT THANKS to Comodo Firewall Team ! (:CLP) A nice interface, and a seems to be a nice background engine.

As i’m a user of 8Signs Firewall (one of the best) (no offense, 8Signs is also limited and Comodo is best for leak) ;), there are some characteristics that could be wonderful in a future version :

  • Drag and Drop of the position rules (to avoid the button up/down)
  • Ban an IP or MAC ADRESS
  • Create Groups (Ports Groups, Zones IP Groups, DNS Server, DHCP … etc)
  • Create Software Application Groups (Web Browser …etc)
  • Instead of getting the LOG under ACTIVITY, could be nice to get it directly on the menu
  • Create a new rule direclty from the Log or Connections
  • Activate/Inactivate a Rule that have been created

That could be really nice ! (:WAV)

See You,


Great suggestions, however some of the things you mentioned are already present.

Ban an IP or MAC Address: This is already possible, for more information please refer here.

Avtivate/Inactivate a rule that has been created: To do this just select the rule, click Edit, then choose the Allow or Block option.