Took CID “Comodo Ice Dragon” for a spin not long ago, it had been several version since doing so, and could not believe how smooth and fast it is now, much smoother then firefox on my windows 8.1 machine, not to mention the “extra goodies” now included in it. The same with CD “Comodo Dragon”, i am running it right now, smooth, working great. Both of these browsers have come a long way, especially for someone like me, as i do a lot of web research, and the added extensions like web inspector and drag n drop, come in quite handy. CIS has become quite smooth as well, even hearing the new Beta is relatively stable already… In the few years i have been using Comodo security on and off, i have seen quite a few betas/releases, and they are just getting better with time, like a fine wine. Keep up the good work Comodo team!

A impressed user/fan!

No one else has anything nice to say to the staff for all the hard work they have done
to provide some top notch quality products for free?

They do a really good job. Their new CIS 7 BETA works pretty well. They added a behavior blocker and web filtering like everyone wanted.

Yes they do! Thanks for commenting! I have heard the beta is pretty stable already, i am waiting a little bit longer then going to test drive it on my real time system. Looking forward to it actually :slight_smile:

You will like the new Kiosk. It is much faster. I am just going to keep the BETA. I think some of it is based on CIS 6 so that makes it more stable. The web filter and behavior blocker need some work but this is just the first BETA. Still have not gotten any crashes. Good BETA. :smiley: