Impressed (and confused)

I downloaded Comodo’s free trial to test it out after my computer was hacked through my paid Norton IS/AV.
I have reformatted and installed all new programs before going online to do all updates…
I am very impressed with Comodo’s Firewall and its ability to stop unauthorized incoming traffic which keeps trying to change settings on my computer.

But, I have a problem, I really do not understand a lot of the language (specific to computers) in the instructions and recommendations; I study ancient literature…
I have my Firewall and HIPS set to safe, as recommended, but I keep getting bombarded with alters that settings and/or registry keys are trying to be accessed.
Is there a Firewall setting that I missed; or can GeekBuddy help me with this?

I intend to buy Comodo once the trial is up; but it is difficult to understand for someone not into computers or engineering.
I have been (terribly) hacked in the past, so this is a very important issue to me.

** I decided to add this post that I, well… posted, in another forum that has helped me**

I wanted to let you know that I was able to reformat and, for the most part, everything looks good. I am still having a problem however.

This time, before re-formating, I actually took the time to read about firewall settings and how to properly set up my computer before ever going online; and I think it helped.

But, I am still unable to run HJT as administator, and some of the programs I tryto run (like Spybot S&D) takes up to 10 minutes to load each screen.

Also, my Comodo firewall has blocked many, many, many attempts from an IP address in the Netherlands from accessing my computer— I did learn how to close ports! And it seems they are trying to get through/open my Pop3 ports (I closed them).

I have competed all my Windows updates, my Comodo Internet security and AV updates, and my Malwarebytes updates.

Would you have any further suggestions?
thanks again!

Just wanted to add that for further info for viewers

I recommend you scan your computer to make sure everything is clean (Malwarebytes and maybe an online scan from Avira, DrWeb, etc… your choice) , then run the Firewall in Safe mode, the HIPS in Clean PC mode, and the Auto-sandbox as Limited. If you don’t download third-party programs that aren’t on the Comodo white list, you shouldn’t get any popups and any new untrusted programs will be sandboxed as Limited. Check your Unrecognized files list occasionally to see if any new files need to be trusted.

I recently noticed that CIS and Spybot 2.x don’t work together. It makes a system slower. If you’re still using Spybot 2.x uninstall it; the HIPS/Sandbox protection of CIS trumps Spybot. As a rule of thumb we don’t advice to use two security solutions of the same kind together because of possible conflicts.

Are you behind a router? It sounds like you are connected directly to a modem. What connection are you on? Can you post a screenshot of your Global Rules? Did you follow any type of guide in setting up CIS?

What configuration are you running? Internet Security Configuration or Proactive Security Configuration.

The post you quoted from the other forum is also from after the reformat?