Impossible to boot after install

After upgrading to windows 10 anniversary edition 64 bit, I can’t install either the beta 10 or the latest stable edition which is supposed to fix the issues with this windows version (despite I have an old bios without secure boot).
Everytime I finish to install and update the virus database, CIS asks for reboot and then the system doesn’t boot anymore. It is a never ending loading.
I had to boot with the windows dvd to recover the system to a previous state.
I’ve already tried to use the mod cleaner for previous Comodo versions to remove any traces of Comodo, but it didn’t work.
I can install CCAV with no problem instead. So I presume it has something to do with the firewall driver.

Problem solved. The culprit was the internet security essential driver of CCAV that for some unknown reason stays on the system after uninstallation and interfered with CIS.

Hi davidepi,
Did you also uninstall CISE when you removed CCAV?
Comodo Internet Security Essentials-Comodo Help

Kind regards.

Hi, captainsticks.
I just used the uninstaller of CCAV. Didn’t know there was a specific one for CISE. I used autoruns to remove the driver from the system.

Hi davidepi,
My apologies, it must have been a previous version of CCAV that adds CISE as a separate program entry.
I just did a clean re-install of CCAV and CISE appears to be incorporated with the current version, so you have possibly found a bug regarding the driver remaining after uninstalling.

Kind regards.