importing profile from Firefox (actually Waterfox) into new install of CID

Hello –
I’ve gotten tired of the instability of Waterfox so I’ve d/L CID and am trying to import my profile from Waterfox. Unfortunately the only interface I could find that would allow me to import my bookmarks, etc., gave the options of importing from Internet Explorer, Chromium or Chrome! Why no Firefox?!
If there is some other way to import my profile from Waterfox, could someone please point me to it? I’ve tried simply copying the contents of the Waterfox “profile” folder and pasting them into the CID “profile” folder, but after doing so, when I tried to restart CID, it said that there was something wrong with my profile, and the browser couldn’t be started.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
– Robert

Try exporting / backing up your Bookmarks & Password etc. as an HTML file and then importing that into CID