IMPORTANT!!! SVChost.exe question

Ok I turned my svchost.exe to outgoing only and I have a question.
This IP keeps tryin to connect

It belongs to

It seems important so I am wondering what should i do…right now its blocked. Should I set svchost.exe to something else? -
Class A address space for private internets

I would keep it blocked.
Unless you are connected to other computers on a private network share files etc.

Are you using a cable modem, without a router? It seems that cable ISPs use a private LAN configuration to manage their networks, and provide DHCP addresses. Then they tunnel your connection thru their network, and out to the Internet.

Yes I am running a cable modem without a router. Should I allow this request then?

Also would that mean I should set my firewall differently for Svchost.exe? I have it set on outgoing only

Having svchost.exe set for outgoing only is the right setting to use.

If this is probably your ISP networking traffic and you are logging the blocked packets, then your log should show are very large amount of traffic on UDP ports 67 and 68. These are the DHCP ports. If you are seeing only a few 10.x.x.x IP addresses to these ports, then you’re seeing your ISP do it’s work. That means the traffic you’re seeing is harmless to you, in which case you can block it and forget it.

I found out that the connection needed to connect and it is safe.

Nice try Comodo team, but blocking this was not correct and was causing problems by doing so.