Important Install Questions

OK, I am looking at possibly re-installing Comodo. ;D
I have downloaded what is referred to as the CPF Installer (supposedly ONLY the firewall), BUT…
I ONLY want the firewall…NOT GeekBuddy, NOT Comodo Dragon…JUST the firewall ONLY. ???

So, what I need is either:

  1. A way to install only the firewall and NOTHING ELSE, or
  2. An installer that will do that.

I really want to use the firewall with my copy of Avast 2014 v9, but DO NOT want all that other “STUFF” lodged in my system. 88)

PLEASE help !

You can install Comodo Firewall with this guide :

if you want to install only Firewall also check this configuration : Comodo Internet Security Setup | Comodo Internet Security v 6.2 | COMODO


Thanks. It appears that the installer for the firewall only I have does NOT allow saying no to GeekBuddy and Comodo Dragon. 88)
Looks like I have to now download the full Comodo Internet Security Premium installer to be able to properly select items to install. :o ???

Did you download the CFW installer from the start of this thread? In that case you should have the option to opt-out of from for example Dragon and Geekbuddy. If you downloaded a CFW installer from somewhere else and the size is significantly less than the installer from the start of this thread that could mean that it only has the installer for the firewall and not the dragon and geekbuddy deals (I’ve seen these installers before somewhere)

I think this one only friewall : Windows İnternet Güvenliği Programları İndir - Tamindir

This size is aprrox. 90MB , try and inform us :-TU

You can opt out of Geekbuddy and Comodo Dragon by going to Customize Installer. This is near the bottom of the install window.

@Sanya IV Livyak
I downloaded the “firewall only” installer from Softpedia.

I downloaded the one located at Softpedia.

The Firewall Only installer either does not have GB and CD, or you simply cannot opt out at all.

To All
I ended up to be safe downloading the full CIS installer located here:
It actually allows full control of what and where as to installation.

And above all else:
I wish to thank you all for such quick response to my help request.
So far, out of all the forums I have been to, this one definitely earns :-TU :-TU

I was not aware of that. I wonder if it is a bug. If you wish, you can create a bug report for this and I can forward it to the devs. It doesn’t seem right to me.

Sorry, this is what I always use, and I thought all installers would have the same options.

On behalf of all other members of this forum I would like to thank you very much for your kind words. If you have any questions at all please feel free to ask.

Thanks again.

Thanks and as Chiron said “Do not hesitate to ask” :wink:

I don’t think so, basically those installers are stripped out of the full installer, things like CD and GeekBuddy are hence removed. I do however think they are specific 32bit and 64bit installers but I’m not sure about that. Anyway if you want to look into it further I’ll direct you here: That’s CIS and not CFW but basically the same thing.