When you need to submit a bug please search if it was already posted and join that Topic if that bug affect your V3 Version as well.
If you discovered a new bug please make your topic title as descriptive you can.

Remember to read IMPORTANT: APPEND CFP VERSION NUMBER AND BIT (X32 or X64) TO YOUR BUGREPORTS to look at some examples.

[b]TIP: always look at topmost topics in every childboard you post.
Important topics have an icon like

or a drop shadow like


In order to provide enough informations to fix bugs please include those infos in your posts:

Please submit ONE bug per post and change the subject to describe your post and append the Version number and BIT(X32 or X64) of your CFP

If you added some info to the topic title remember to duplicate them in your posts too.

Make sure that this info is placed in all your bugreports even if you join an existing topic to confirm that you are affected too.

[ol]- CPU (32 bit or 64 bit)

  • Operating System information (including Service Pack Version)
  • Actively-running security and utility applications (Optional if you post a Comodo Firewall Pro Configuration Report)
  • Specific symptoms of the bug, and steps you can take to reproduce it (step by step).
  • Specific steps you have taken to try to resolve it.
  • Brief description of your Defense+ and Firewall+ mode (Custom, Train with safe) plus mention if you modified any setting in ADVANCED section of D+ and F+ (Optional if you post a Comodo Firewall Pro Configuration Report)
  • If you pc reboots or you have a BSOD post in BSODs: Please add your minidump files here
  • Report if you are using an Administrator account Or a Limited User account. Vista users please Report if you have UAC Disabled or Enabled (Optional if you post a Comodo Firewall Pro Configuration Report) [/ol]


[b]In order to enable crashdumps and to find them please read:[/b]
If you wish please raise a [url=]Support Ticket[/url].

NOTE: If your reply from Comodo Support states that your support ticket was closed please don’t worry. You can reply to that email to reopen that ticket. Tickets are usually closed by default after a reply.

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In order to make your topic Search friendly and to make easy to guess what type of post it contains please append the Version number and BIT(X32 or X64) of your CFP build. Please mind to write a concise and descriptive titlle and post ONE bug per topic too. If you found that an update fixed the bug you reported please add [Fixed] at the end of your topic Title.

This will help a lot searching and listing bugreports in future. So it will possible to know which CFP version was affected by a specific bug.

You can edit your topic title whenever you want. You need to change only your First Post Subject

You may additionally add a tag to your bugreport: Please note that a tag is only useful if all members use the SAME ONE. If few topics share the SAME Tag you will be able to click that tag at the end of the topic page and get all topics tagged accordingly.

This way it would be possible to track all bugs that affect a Specific Version.

Here you are Few examples of Titles:

GOOD Titles
CFP Help crashes comodo (V3.0.12 X32)
Firewall slow down network speed(upload) dramatically or even crashes (V3.0.12 x64)
cfpupdat.exe and cfpsbmit.exe application errors (V3.0.12 x32)

WRONG Titles
A few problems Reason: Generic Description, Lack Version and bit
Remaining RC1 problems still in release (V3.0.12 x32) Reason: Generic Description, Lack Version and bit
Pending Files no longer has a ‘Deleted’ Status Reason: Lack Version and bit
Firewall allows connections, that are blocked… Reason: Lack Version and bit

Here you are a list of legit TAGs:

Final relase bug tags
[b]CFP 3.0.12 BUG
CFP 3.0.13 BUG
CFP 3.0.14 BUG
CFP 3.0.15 BUG
CFP 3.0.16 BUG
CFP 3.0.17 BUG
CFP 3.0.18 BUG
CFP 3.0.19 BUG
CFP 3.0.20 BUG
CFP 3.0.21 BUG
CFP 3.0.22 BUG
CFP 3.0.23 BUG
CFP 3.0.24 BUG
CFP 3.0.25 BUG

(Click on the above tags to find a list of correctly tagged related bugreports)

NOTE:Tags with leading and/or trailing spaces will not work correctly.
Please submit in this board only bugs affecting final releases. If you found out a bug in an undisclosed test version please follow the instruction on the page you got that version from.

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Just click on this Advanced Bug Reports Board Search link and fill in the search testbox to search all Bugreports in this childboard.

If most members named their bugreports properly it will possible to restrict the search only in topic subjects.
eg it would be easy to find all bugreports that contain 3.0.25 version number in topic title or that describe issues reproduced on 64bit windows versions.

If the bugreport affected another CFP version than the one you have please create a new bugreport topic.


It would prove useful to read the bugreports affecting the older version to look at the info needed or the required troubleshooting procedures.
Posting a link to the related bugreports affecting older versions may also help other members.

How to find crashdumps in Windows XP
In order to confirm that Dr.Watson MS Crashdump utility is enabled run drwtsn32 -i

If some application crashed and you think it is related to CFP please run drwtsn32.exe without any options or switches and look for a crash dump in the path listed in Dr.Watson dialog (Make sure it was created at the time the crash happened) please confirm that Dump symbol table, Dump all thread contexts, Append to existing log file and Create crash dump file checkboxes are enabled. “Create crash dump file” checkbox is the most important option to enable.

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How to find crashdumps in Windows Vista
Windows Vista uploads the crash logs to Microsoft but does not save a local copy. You need to enable this option running a file contained in Windows Error
You need to uncompress Windows Error and then run Windows Error Reporting.reg

NOTE: in some cases you will only see the name Windows Error Reporting without the .zip or .reg part . You can right click and coose Properties to confirm the filetype.

When an application crashes you can find the required crash informations in %LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\WER\ReportQueue

Just paste that bolded text in explorer and hit go

Be sure to include the following files in a compressed zip file:

This is the most important file. It contains the crash dump that can be opened inside Visual Studio or other Windows debuggers.

Contains the operating system version and other hardware information.

Lists all of the DLLs loaded at the time of the crash with their version information.

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