Important !! diferent icon when firewall protection is disabled

hello people…

different icon when firewall protection is disabled

i have disabled the firewall protection by mistake because i think was disabling defense +

in the next release please when the is disabled change the icon color or something else that call attention…

my computer have been not protected an entire night lol 88)

sorry for my bad english


I had the same problem.

Yes, Please, I also request this. (:AGL)


any update ?

i have downloaded the last version and seems its equal :-X

I also would like to see a distinctive colour change with the Icon when something is not enabled be it the Firewall or Defence +


I did similar thing too. Once I disabled the firewall for testing purposes and I totally forgot to reenable it after testing was done :D.

I think the icon change is a good idea but also there should be changes in SUMMARY tab.
System Status should change when firewall or defense+ is disabled.
In Network Defense / Proactive Defense+ the font color of secutity level status should change to red when it’s set to ‘Disabled’. Also, it would be better if font would be bolded, and not underlined in that state.

When I disable the firewall Windows Security Center lets me know but there is no way to know about the state of D+ without checking.

I would also like a change in the tray icon regarding the state of both the firewall and D+. I have sometimers, some times I remember to turn it back on some times I don’t.

I think the previous version of CFP put a red circle or something like that when the firewall was disabled.

Even a tri color change would be sufficient, like NOD32, Green=OK – Orange= FW-ok - D± diabled – Red= Both disabled


I support this totally, the icon should change when CFP is disabled. Although Windows Security Center is there to remind it. But all firewalls do that, even CFP 2.4 had it, a different icon when it’s off.

Oh btw one thing I was wondering (think I mentioned it already), when you shut down the firewall from the tray icon context menu CFP is not shut down at all (cfp.exe as well as cmdagent remain active).
(disabling CFP or Def+ from the same menu work, that’s another thing)

Yes please change the icon color for the different states.

Also change the icon color/picture if the system is still temporarily in software installation mode during of after software installation. Currently this is completely invisible as the menu options only show your preferred selection, not the active state during software installation.

It will be possible with this:

I don’t care if this will be possible with the skinning tool… CFP should use different icon colors for different states, like 2.4 and others firewalls… don’t you think? :THNK

Isn’t a trivial question, is a question of security…

Please COMODO, listen the users! (:WIN)

I didn’t state I disagreed either. This was done in version 2, so what makes you think it can’t be done again?

OK so it can be done - and lots of us users wnat it to be done.

So is it in the pipeline?


I also request this…

I am sure Comodo will do something!