Important: 0 day Adobe Flash Update

See Immediate Update Bulletin from Adobe here Adobe Security Bulletin

Also updates for FF and Chrome today which improved tls settings.

Thanks for the heads up Steve and Leo today over at Security Now Netcast. They are also talking about ad blocking software over there today… somebody fill those guys in about priv dog :smiley:

Now get to updating people.

I changed all caps title to normal case. Eric

For those who like the full installers of Flash Player instead of webinstaller can get them from: .

Thanks Eric, correction noted… I was a little excited ;D

Np… It is important news and sometimes we can get carried away…

Thanks for the info. Got the automatic update. :smiley:

Thanks for the info.

Oh that’s why… Last night I got a notification about it… I was thinking update already? 88)

Thanks for info. :-TU