Import in 23.364

Greetings all,

I Exported my settings before doing update (over 22.349).
23.364 was updated fine all settings were in place. No need to import.

Then I decided to perform fresh reinstall because of SafeSurf.

Being a good boy, I Exported all settings again (redundant, I know)
Now I have 2 sets of saved identical settings and none of them can be Imported. Comodo says “Imported successfully …” but that’s not true ???

Thanks in advance for any information


After importing them you need to apply them and reboot. Read the help file.

Hi Vettetech,

Thanks for replying.

Yes, I know that… but after "Import successful " I have to see them
then I Apply. I did it 3 times noting inside. Compete virginity!

Interestingly enough I was going to reinstall again because of a Toolbar.
So reading your post and even not leaving the forum I Imported once more just in case…

Guess what? after attempt #4 all my settings appeared as it should be
Sure now I can press Apply now.

I did not read all yet probably but reading of this chapter was done long ago :wink:

So it is kinda little bug sitting there

Going to reinstall now … feeling better …
knowing that I have to be persistent and repeat Import until it really succeeded Cheers :Beer