Import/Export IP/Domain, etc lists to block


I have been a long user of CFP and other Comodo products, and well, what can I say? I am very pleased and must give you all a big thank you!

Anyway, what brings me to open this thread is what follows next.

A friend of mine, who owns a company, asked me if it was possible to import/export lists of IPs, Domains, etc to block in CFP.
I told him that at the moment, no. And I asked him why. He told me that the licenses of Outpost firewall were ending very soon and that he was considering to switch to CFP, after I told him very good things about it.

But as you may imagine manually inputing lists of IPs, domains, etc to block in CFP is a tiring, not to mention boring job… and for a company, just can’t happen.

Are there any plans to include such option any time soon in CFP? It would mean alot… as you may understand…
My friend says that it is the only flaw he found on CFP… but if that option was part of CFP, then no flaws…

I have already expressed that wish my self at the wishlist thread of CFP…

I understand that all the blocked IPs, etc on CFP are also placed at the Windows registry. Wouldn’t be better to use a XML file to have all the info on the blocked IPs, domains, mac, etc? Just a thought.

Please, let me know what you guys at Comodo think… and don’t be beat me to hard! :a0

Best regards