Immediate Timeout

When trying to send a fax with an attached file (from my hard drive), I get a message within a minute or less that my session has timed out .
I’m told I have to log in again, which means I have to start over. After starting over several times, I give up.
I am a new user and thus far haven’t been able to send a single fax with attachments.

An immediate timeout, rather a message that states your session has expired is due to your browser settings not allowing TrustFax to set a login cookie.
By allowing/overriding your browser setting to allow for will resolve this issue.
The default setting for Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 does not require you to make a change. Firefox default setting may require you to add as an allow sites in the privacy section.
Send an email to support [ at ] with the name of your browser to receive instructions.