IME toolbar appears when it shouldn't ( to x32)

Hi. I post this from japan with poor english.
I found a bug or something.
IME toolbar is sometimes(Comodo window open etc.) appear since cfp3.0.
I couldnt specify when IME toolbar appear.
It is same with CFP_Patch_3.0.14.276_x32.
In 2.4, dont appear that.
Other japanese have this problem too.

CPU:athlon64x2 3800
OS:windows xp sp2 x32 japanese version
Avira antivirus classic
Microsoft IME 2002 ver. 8.1

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I can confirm this. I have been seeing this on a daily basis since installing v. 3. In my case, I normally keep the IME bar docked on the taskbar, and what happens is that CFP causes a “phantom” IME bar to pop up on screen, above the taskbar. By “phantom” I mean that the actual IME bar (blue colored) remains on the taskbar, while a gray/white image (?) of the IME bar appears on screen.

There are different ways I can reproduce this bug (all are 100% reproducible for me):

  1. Right-click on the CFP icon in the system tray.
  2. The “phantom” IME bar appears immediately. (See screen grab below.)
  3. Click on the Desktop, and the phantom IME bar immediately goes away.


  1. Open up CFP by double-clicking on the CFP icon in the system tray or by launching it from the Start menu.
  2. Close CFP.
  3. The phantom IME bar immediately appears, and it stays there.
  4. Click on another application minimized to the taskbar (e.g., Firefox), and the phantom IME bar goes away.


  1. Open up CFP by double-clicking on the CFP icon in the system tray or by launching it from the Start menu.
  2. Minimize CFP to the taskbar.
  3. Maximize CFP again.
  4. Immediately the phantom IME bar appears, and it stays there.
  5. Close CFP. The phantom IME bar is still there.
  6. Click on another application minimized to the taskbar (e.g., Firefox), and the phantom IME bar goes away.

I have never seen this happen prior to installing v.3, and no other application on my machine causes it to happen.

Using CFP with all default settings, XP Japanese SP2 (32 bit), NOD32, Windows defender.

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This really should be in Bug Reports. It obviously is a code problem. Just in case I am wrong, please include your details for computer CPU, OS, version of CFP, Security software, Admin/user log-on rights and any other details that might bear on this. Check this link for details that are wanted:
and post in:

to rubb,
thank you for your confirmation in detail! :slight_smile:

to AnotherOne,
ok. :slight_smile:
CPU:Athlon64 x2 3800+ 939
OS:Windows xp pro sp2 x32 japanese ver (windows updated)
CFP ver:all of version 3.0
Security software:
Avira AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic(be stationed),
SpywareBlaster,Spybot - Search & Destroy(not be stationed),Ad-Aware 2007(not be stationed)
Admin/user log-on rights:Admin:-[

IME toolbar has been suppressed by ctfmon.exe(windows program) if usual.
But cfp3.0 is running, IME toolbar appears and becomes obstructive though ctfmon.exe runs.
not allways but often.
some people say IME toolbar will not appear.
I will ask them details more. and post.
thank you.

I see the evasion of the bug. Deactivate D+.

“Defense+ settings” → check “Deactivate the Defense+ permanently (Requires a system restart)”
and reboot.
IME toolbar did not appear.

If nothing is done when IME toolbar appears due to this bug, IME toolbar takes the foremost side of desktop.
There is a person who stops the use of COMODO because of this.

It reports later.

In addition to the 3 ways to reproduce this bug as described in my post above, I have noticed that Defense+ alerts also cause the IME bar to appear where it shouldn’t be. (See screen grab below.)

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Can anyone from the development team confirm that the development team has taken note of, and has plans to fix, this bug? It’s still present in v3.0.15.277 and still annoying.

I’m only asking because I never really know on these forums if the developers are actually reading our bug reports and systematically putting the info into the Comodo bug-tracking system. ???

This bug still exists in (:SAD)

Edit: And yes, it still exists in, too. :-
Edit 2: And it still exists in :frowning:

Could a moderator or someone else with supernatural powers please tag this thread as “CFP 3.0.18 BUG”?

If I try to tag it myself by clicking the Add Tag link, I get an error message saying “An Error Has Occurred! You are not allowed to add tags to that topic.”

Could a moderator please tag this again now as 3.0.19 bug? It’s still unfixed in Thank you.

And now… guess what… big surprise… are you ready?.. drumroll, please… could a moderator please tag this as a 3.0.20 bug? It’s not fixed in

Sorry to keep bumping this thread, but since Comodo doesn’t have a transparent bug tracking system, I don’t know of any other way to make sure this bug stays on the radar.

When i used vista (not includes ‘ime’) before, i didnt notice this annoying bug.

But now i use xp and cfp, click cfp trayicon then i can see ‘phantom’ ime.
Why is this ‘phantom’? It’s not affected by xp theme, suddenly popup and disappear like a ghost.

Hope to fix this bug in next version.

Your free version of the software still has the IME Problem in the current release.
Please fix this as soon as possible since this is already discouraging me from using the
software. Im sure I speak for alot of your loyal users. Written below are the specifications
and I also attached a screenshot.

OS : WindowsXP Pro (Japanese)
CFP version :
Installer used : CFP_Setup_3.0.22.349_XP_Vista_x32.exe

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