Imaging Snapshots

Hi All

Finally got CTM installed. Appears to be running OK.

I have one or two questions based on the fact that I have read somewhere in the CTM forums that you lose your snapshots when you upgrade to another version of CTM. If this is correct here is the question.

  1. Is it possible to use imaging software like ShadowProtect and or Macrium Reflect to take an image of a snapshot that can later be restored?

  2. Is it possible to take an image all the snapshots individually by switching from one to the other?

  3. Is it possible to take a collective image of ALL the snapshots at one go?



I haven’t tryied any of what you have asked, but i can try to answer it.

Very unlikely this can be done.

Probably you can do this, but you cant reinstall the snapshots as far as i know.

No this is not possible.

Remember i haven’t tried what you have asked, this is simply my best educated guess.