Image computer and .cbu file

Okay, I just have an inquiry, suppose I do an image backup of the whole disk and store it in .cbu format.
Then, my computer crashes and i reinstall windows and Comodo Backup. I try to restore the disk image to overwritte disk.

Question is, how does comodo restore whole disk, if its installed in current system state? I mean, if i do a whole disk image restore how do restore works? Wouldn all info be overwritten and thus comodo backup drivers would dissapear, so how can i restore my C image bakup, if i am currently using drive C?
Or I can only restore drives im not currently working on?


You can restore an entire .cbu disk image, but this restore process will require a restart and the .cbu file needs to be on another hardddisk than the one restored.
The same thing applies to drives. You can restore C drive, this will require restart because C: is in use, but the .cbu file needs to be on another drive.