Image Backup & Backup

I have partitioned the drive in C & E.

E has a lot of free space.

If I keep image backup or backup in E drive, I think on occasion of harddrive crash I would not be able to use the backup from E drive as its a partition & harddrive crash means neither C nor E will be accessible, m I right?

So its no use keeping the backup in the partition, right?

Hi naren,

It’s handy to have a back-up in a separate partition that is on the same physical drive, if you only want to re-install the O.S.

But you are right, if your hard drive fails, then you will not be able to recover anything, unless you want to pay an over-the-top price for a specialist data recovery service :frowning:

You should always keep a back-up of your important data on a separate HDD, preferably on an external drive away from your PC for extra safety :slight_smile:

Thanxx for the info