I'm wondering...

:THNK Why this is happening ?; I really need to understand …
When I open my pc or change users…
My ComodoFirewallPro is being initialised, this is okay but it it staying this way untill I go to the main page (ComputerSecurityLevel), set it at a: BlockAll, and then reset it at Custom…then it is OK!
Why does it happen? Did I miss something?

(Sorry I did post it in another topic…) (B)

Thank you for helping!
Excuse my english

It is OK and nothing to worry about. It is a known problem with CFP 2.4 & it is cosmetic only (ie. it is not really initializing). You will find that if you merely move your mouse pointer over the Security Level slider (without actually clicking or moving the slider) the mouse-over text of the systray icon is immediately fixed.

PS Your English is excellent.

(:WAV)Thank you very much, I really appreciate to know… I already feel better now.

I m pleased to recommand Commodo to everyone I know ! (B)