I'm still a bit foggy

Hi All
I hope someone can enlighten me a little.

I have used Comodo firewall for a few months now and I am still unsure how it works, or what to do with it, as It never seem to tell me that it has stopped attacks etc.

The web sites I use a frequantly I have entered in " Define a new trusted application " am I doing right?
And under the Summery tab, in Proactive Defence it tells me that I have 1490 files for my review, I have had a look at them and many are connected with my Antivir AV, lots are Microsoft Corporation others I recognize some I don’t, what do I do with them?
Regards Robert.

Hi Robert. Welcome to the forums :slight_smile: The best way in my opinion is to read the documentation and help provided in Miscellaneous tab :slight_smile:

Hi Commodus and all
I have frequently looked at all the help doc’s and I can’t find anything in there that can explain my prob’s to me, the diagnostics report that the setup is running ok, but that doesn’t answer my questions, i.e.

Is there a list somewhere showing the threats that comodo has stopped

can I just delete the1490 files for my review. and why do I need to review them

Do I use the " Define a trusted application " to tell Comodo that a program is a favourite or trusted

And what do I look for : for conformation that Comodo is not stopping things I want from getting to me.
Regards Robert.

the log? Defense+/common tasks/view defense+ events

err,someone correct me if i’m wrong.not really sure about this 88)
your Defense+ is on Clean PC mode right? in this mode, all apps you have prior to installation is considered safe , and D+ will ask for new apps, those apps will be put in Pending file to be reviewed.
but if you delete them all, then D+ will learn/allow all of them :o .
just let it be, or send it to comodo to improve the whitelist database :a0

oh, and perhaps you want to put D+ on higher level (safe mode), i don’t get any pending file in this mode, since safe mode only allow whitelisted apps & ask for unknown. :slight_smile:

no need to, when you run a new application, D+ warning will show up and give you some options:
allow,block,treat as (installer/updater or trusted application etc)

Hello, I have the same question about the pending files, and would like a clear answer about what to do. I have 1300 files pending, mostly of windows/softwaredistribution and Config.msi file paths. I attempted to send them to comodo for review, but I don’t know if they actually went somewhere or how I’d hear back if I did? The documentation I’ve read is not clear on whether what is in my pending files is even being held up or actually at work.

The fog is lifting !!
Many thanks GP, we silver surfers are a littl slower on the uptake but with a little push in the right direction and clear step by step directions we eventualy get there.
I will give you a rundown of where I am at, my Comodo was set at training mode, now as recommended reset to safe mode

In the D+Events there was nothing to see, but by clicking on " MORE " I found the Log Viewer, it would be nice to be able to read and understand the log but at least now I know its there, and stopping intrusions

And I am sure that the1490 files are all safe but for now I will leave them be.

So many thanks for your help, regards Robert. :SMLR

OK,don’t hesitate to PM mods if you need any help :slight_smile:

not sure about this since i’ve never submit anything to comodo (:TNG)
i think the submitted file are examined by comodo to create & enlarge its safelist database.
let’s wait for someone else to confirm this ;D

When I had D+ set to Clean PC mode and had pending files, I’d purge, look up, submit and removed the ones that looked safe which was typically all of them.

Hii all
Yes lets wait and leave this thread open, I am sure that someone will explain in silver surfer speak!! that is (slow and step by step) with not to many abbreviations i.e.PM Mods ??? (I know I’m slow) what we should do with the files for review.

Thanks again to HG for lifting the fog, regards Robert.

oh, PM mods = send Personal Message to moderator (:TNG)

you need to check them manually :slight_smile:
Assess the pending files to determine whether or not they are to be trusted. If they are trustworthy, they can be moved to ‘My Safe Files’ using the ‘Move to’ button. Similarly, files that are suspicious can be moved to the ‘My Quarantined Files’ area. (from CIS help)

but,i think since you’re on Safe mode, you can remove those pending files because in safe mode, Comodo simply will allow for only known safelisted application & ask you (to allow/block) for unknown applcation.