I'm ready to move on...

I have spent the weekend reinstalling Win XP Pro on my desktop because I tried to install 3.8 over 3.5. The installer said it had to remove a “previous version” so I said yes. Only when I tried a second time to install 3.8 it continued to tell me I had a previous version installed and I had to remove it first. I say “continued” because I told it three times to remove the previous version but … You know the answer because I have searched this forum as well as the web and this problem in not new. Shame on the programmers here. Finally I tried to remove it manually and eventually my OS wouldn’t boot. I will say you folks dig your product as deep as I have ever seen. (That is what is known as a left handed compliment).

I used to be a computer programmer and if I wrote such sloopy code I would have been fired. It is very unprofessional to release a product in such a poor state and from what I read here and elsewhere this “uninstall” problem is a continuing problem with this company,at the very least this product. It is a shame because I liked the firewall and it can be very very effective. But it should not be such an adventure to move from one release to the next.

Years ago I was a systems programmer on IBM OS MFT, MVT and VM systems where we might have to take a whole weekend to do a sysgen on a new release. I was paid really good money to suffer through it in those days. Today I am willing to pay good money to use a really reliable product and unfortunately this product does not fall into that category. It begins to appear that I got what I paid for.

Sadly I may have to do this again on my new laptop as I blindly installed 3.8…468 on this PC and I have little confidence that your uninstall software will really cleanup after the install software. Someone coined a phrase way back when that says something about “the right hand not knowing what the left hand was doing”. In my experience and opinion it seems to apply to this product.

You could give Revo Uninstaller a try. It’s pretty good at picking up any leftovers after an application uninstalls itself.

so if u know all that why did u try to install comodo 3.8 over 3.5 ?
in my case i always uninstall old product before i install a new version and i always make a backup of my system first in case something is going wrong. we never know what can happen with those codes installed all together and can put your system down, we’re never safe from some incompatibility between progs or other things so if u care for your system it’s better to backup it when it’s stable then u can do what u want, anyway u can always go back to your stable system.
i can’t say shame on comodo coders as they actually releasing the best firewall for xp and vista and all that for free, who can tell he can do the same ? i don’t know any other exemple for the moment.

Is as simple as turning on all the services. I bet you have either a stripped version of XP or services turned off.

I tried that and another “uninstaller” long before I fired up regedit looking for all the entries that the 3.8 installer was looking at that convinced it there was still a previous version installed even though it had supposedly removed it. I removed all the many entries of “COMODO” as well as “comodo” and “CFP” and “cfp” and “CIS” and “cis”. As well as everything I could find in the "documents and Settings folder. There seemed to be no end to the many entries that these programmers add to our systems and leaave there when they uninstall. Some of them were so “unneeded” it was almost comical. Again shame on you folks!! Just because other companies do it doesn’t mean you should. Are you creating a quality product or not? Would you feel good about someone else leaving all that trash in your PC?


My first impression is I wonder how many lines of code you have written in your short life? If you haven’t walked in those shoes then what is your justification for jumping up with so much indignation?

My second impression is I wonder where you learned to “write”? My third is where did you learn to “read”?

No capitalization, misspelled words and what is a “progs”? I assume you meant programs. Or a “u” for that matter. Did you mean “you”?

If you are going to criticize then don’t leave yourself so open like that. And “they actually releasing the best firewall for xp and vista and all that for free” I assume must be directed towards my comment: “I liked the firewall and it can be very very effective”.

Oh and the 3.8 installer actually said it was going to uninstall the “previous” version and I was foolish enough to believed it. So you must have a lot more experience with software that does not do what it says it will do.

Of course I was foolish enough to believe it. Just like I trusted it to block unwanted attacks on my PC. If I should have not believe the program would sufficiently uninstall the previous version in order to install the new one then just how am I to trust this code? How do you know what to trust and what not to trust?

My criticism is leveled at the install/uninstall process. Get it right or don’t say you will. It is as simple as that. If I had any inkling it was not to be trusted to uninstall the previous version I would have not installed it in the first place. And test it sixteen ways from Sunday even before you make it available to the beta community let alone the general public.

I used the free version of ZoneAlarm for at least 7-8 years never having to uninstall a previous version when updating. I guess I was spoiled. I went looking for a new firewall when some idiot company bought them and their product went into the toilet.

And I did backup my C: drive with Acronis and I did restore it successfully but with 3.5 version of the firewall. So I was back to where I started with a firewall I could no longer trust. It was then that I ran the 3.5 uninstall and still the 3.8 installer was confused. Then I fired up regedit.

So if it “puffs you up” to throw out shots from the hip without properly reading a post or without being absolutely sure you know all the facts then I cannot help that. You will just have to suffer the quiet judgment of everyone else read your posts.

Not so!

I think there will always be occasions where the CIS installer/uninstaller fails. Sorry that you had all that trouble. Personally I’ve used CIS on a full Windows XP SP3, as well as on an nLited and heavily tweaked & slimmed down XP SP3. Never, ever any problems whatsoever, and the uninstaller leaves almost nothing from CIS (just some missing MUI references). I have no idea what’ve happened to your installation.

By the way scout321x, no need to comment on alief’s way of writing, nor his age (which we no nothing about AFAIK). He just gave his view upon this.

Could have been a bug. A lot of users were complaining of bugs, I was one of them. But I solved my problem, you should down grade to the previous version and than upgrade later maybe?

you didnt mean you scout321x, but it’s a generality and i used you like I or people, don’t take it for yourself, so sorry for the missunderstood.
any other problem?
i have nothing to say about the rest, i think there’s no reason to argue on that kind of words.
sorry if u felt some irony or something to joke about u but that was not my intention.
and i’m sorry about my writing but we can go on in french if u like to see how u will do with my native language :wink:

To scout321X:
Even users of paid software have the option to move on. Moving on from free software should be even easier, since you have no monetary investment, only time invested. No matter how software is written or charged for, it doesn’t have the capability to hold you hostage. You seem to have had many more problems that the vast majority of users who have posted on the various CIS threads. I guess that can happen, depending on the configuration of your computer and what software you have installed, but it definitely seems unusual and out of the ordinary. If you actually want to use CIS and get your problems resolved, the CIS forum users are very helpful and try to present suggestions/solutions that will solve the problems that users describe here.

From the tone of your reply(ies) to the various responses you have received to your initial post, I hope that your responses, some of which are quite vitriolic, contentious and accusatory, are simply attritutable to your level of frustration. Previous programming experience doesn’t provide free credit for criticism, some of which is totally unnecessary, such as critiquing writing style and spelling. I notice that some sentences in your own posts contain spelling and gramatical errors. Remove the plank from your own eye before you try to remove the splinter from your neighbor’s eye. Not everyone on these forums speaks or writes perfect English, but they communicate well enough to be understood by someone who is willing to listen.

I have never had any problem installing and running CIS, since its first Beta version, on 2 Vista Ultimate desktops, 1 Vista Business and 1 XP SP3 notebook. The only computer I have ever personally seen that had problems installing CIS, was a friend’s desktop running an OEM version of XP Pro. He had a lot of services disabled, because he didn’t like them running in the background. Even at that, trying to install CIS didn’t cause any real problems. lt just simply would not install. He didn’t want to try enabling all the services to see if CIS would successfully install, and then disable each service again, if the install worked. I guess he had spent too much time going through the list of services and disabling the ones that weren’t absolutely necessary for XP to run. Everyone else that I have ever recommended CIS to has not had any problems installing it.

I’m having exactly the same problem! The program said it would up date,then said it would remove previous version,then died,and won’t let me reinstall.
Used Uninstaller,removed every trace I can find,(I,m no programmer)
So,at this point,I guess Comodo is NOT releasing free firewalls anymore.
I would have felt better if they would just say so,save all of us hours.
Need recommendation for site to find free older version,as I was satisfied before this release,although pain in a** starting out!
Appreciate any help,running Ultimate,C2D/2.13ghz,4 gb RAM, Don Julian

You can find CIS here: https://forums.comodo.com/feedbackcommentsannouncementsnews_cis/comodo_internet_security_3864739471_released-t34801.0.html

A clean install is always better.

What in the world is a slim shady ad eminem attitude? ??? I speak English, but am not into pop culture?, so you might as wel be speaking some obscure Pashtun tribal language.

That’s OK. So was my reply.

hahaha this is super funny… love it.

Ad emiinem is a play on words at the Latin saying referring to the ad hominem argument. This is a false argument. It means you attack the person instead of bringing up a decent argument in a debate. To put it in a soccer analogy: it is playing the man and not playing the ball…

I like your explanation EricJH :wink:
that’s the right exemple for the right situation.

I feel compelled to post this one final off-topic remark on the subject this thread has continued to focus on.

Read scout321x’s post, where he replied to people who answered his original post, in which he states in the reply "[b]My second impression is I wonder where you learned to “write”? My third is where did you learn to “read”?

No capitalization, misspelled words and what is a “progs”? I assume you meant programs. Or a “u” for that matter. Did you mean “you”?.[/b]"

Where in those remarks do you find a decent argument? The eminem attitude remark, and subsequent ad hominem analysis of it, totally disregard these contentious remarks quoted from his reply post, and thus the reason for my response to it. There was nothing in the response that was false. Yes, it was strong, and directed at both the original poster and his problem, but there was no fallacy in it. All the focus is on the response, while the remarks in the post that elicited it are ignored.

This is what i like about comodo… it ALWAYS elicits a STRONG response. Its like a religion (going to make a post about it … sometime).

the OP had NO problem. he got his machine messed up … reinstalled windows… moved on. But not really, hell no, he decided to come and rant about his actions. he didnt want help, he just wanted to vent his frustrations.

punctuations… spelling… what the heck is wrong with this guy ? Ive seen similar arguments made on other forums. who has the freakin time to correct ■■■■ which they write out on the internet. dont like it… dont read it… whats so confusing about that?

this was a classic “comodo sux” post. i dont get this either… its FREEWARE for gods sake. for every 1 guy on whose machine it dosent work . there are 100’s on whose it does. again, dont like it don’t use it.

ps. just because you wear glasses, have a big beard, wear sneakers to work, have pencil thin arms and write a few gazillion lines of codes dosent make you cool … it just makes you a prospective microsoft employee. get ur head out of your…

ps. if i were the ceo i’d send out my guys to do shit like this on other forums, bitching about products creating doubt… called it offensive-marketing. grin also i would delete threads like this… it has no value whatsoever.

EricJH, i liked your exemple but not for larlyles, this is the attitude of scout321x u describe here,
think there’s some missunderstood from my side,
so in fact scout321x was right i don’t know about reading lol :wink: