Im on the news! haha.


Congratulations LOL.


Congratulations Kyle! (:CLP) :■■■■

Hehe, great :slight_smile:


How much did you pay them for that webcast?
looks good, though.

Hahahahahhaah (:LGH) ROTFLOL !!! Superb !

Congrats Kyle ! (:CLP)

(B) (R) (V)

Kyle you’re a genius, what a gimmick! You should be named head of marketing at Comodo! You’re a madman dude! Happy Christmas man & :■■■■ :-TU
Xman (:KWL)

Sorry Kyle, but what I think it should have been is this:|Create

I think this should be merged into the OT topic. ;D

Lol, You can put any name on the site…, like Adolf ■■■■■■■■■■■■-create.html&WT.mc_id=WGBM

this is cool…



No [, but yes for -

It Should Be