I'm confused and frustrated with CFP 3[Help]

Alright, i’m pretty confused with how this firewall n such work cause I used to use Windows Firewall and then I had KIS 6.0 then upgraded to 7.0 and Kaspersky’s firewall knew my programs so it didnt really ask me anything.

But I decided to use AntiVir and Windows Firewall didnt seem to cut it no more. So when I installed CFP 3 it asked to install the Advance+ Def or that Basic 1 and I tried the Advance first. But all the programs that I used like AntiVir, Adaware, Spybot, SuperAntiSpyware, Spyblaster and my games (WoW, GuildWars, Starcraft, Diablo 2 and such) it kept asking for the allowing of some and then others I wouldnt get any alerts and it would just block them. The Defense setting is confusing me cause I would just like to make all the files in those programs excepted cause it keeps asking everytime I use them, even after I click allow with remember. So I just started using the basic setup (Defense+ off) and it doesnt seem to frustrate me. (The only reason I really get frustrated is that I put CFP 3 on this pc and 3 others 1 desktop n 2 laptops) and I dont want to have to get annoyed with all them alerts all over again.

My only concern atm now is that when I use the Network Defense Default settings (Train with Safe Mode) and Proactive Defense with Defense+ inactive (deactived), I fail the Comodo Leak Test. Is there something else I can do to stop that until I figure out this Defense+ feature? Or am I gonna be at risk for leaking information unless I activate Defense+ again. I am just so confused since I got used to KIS firewall automatically accepting my programs

Hi mate,

On my computer cpf3 works perfectly. But ie on my brothers it has the same annoying issues as on yours. Believe me it shouldn’t work like that. The default installation of defense+ is with cleanpc mode. If it worked correctly the actions of all of the executable files on your pc (your games, antivir and so on) should have been learned without any alerts. The symptoms you mentioned and I experienced on my brothers are really a pain in the ■■■. Trust me its not the normal operation of cpf. It is very frustrating that cpf has these issues with a lot of people because they may think that this is how it should work and it is just ■■■■. This is not true but it can turn a lot of impatient people away from comodo.
I will update you if I find out something. Its quite annoying to have a bad first-experience with a long-awaited program.


Sometimes clicking allow with remember is not enough if files are being written to or changed in any way. Click “trusted application” or use installation mode for new apps.


Put it on “training mode” and not "training safe mode’