IGMP from Router to ?


I just reinstalled my computer, now i forgot my old firewall rules, so figured i’d might as well set it up from stratch.

I selected the stealthy wizard, hide from everyone, which made a bunch of rules…

now my firewall logs am IGMP request from my Router to an Multicast goup…

Does it interrup any network performance by blocking it ? (in which case i should allow it)

right now i made a block rule just above the block and log, which
blocks the router ip, and igmp to to get rid of the logs

(also just to get it confirmed, the reason my computer picks the request up is because it is sent to an Multicast group ? aka hitting everything on the network ? or am i wrong )

Welcome to the forums, Mr_Fast

Does it interrup any network performance by blocking it ?
Nope. Blocking this does not cause any problem.

The multicast address of is the “all-hosts” address. Your router is simply announcing to any device on your LAN that cares to listen that “I’m a router an I’m at ”. Since your PC already knows what address the router has, your PC doesn’t need to listen for that announcement.