If you're Dutch...

If you’re Dutch, you’d better make sure your WiFi is secure

Dutch Court Rules WiFi Hacking Is Now Legal

Bizarre :o

It is good to have one country where usual illegal things are legal, so we know where to look. 88)

IDK, just clutching at straws. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep their nuts…

They interpreted some stuff they way it wasn’t supposed to end up in the law books.
There is a good (dutch) article here about the issue written by one of the better IT Lawyers in the NL.

Google Translation

That’s really bonkers. Have anonymous hacked into court? :stuck_out_tongue:

Their nuts? As in the nuts that belong to them? ;D

Ahh I guess I should have written “they are crazy” ;D

But I think they are unknowing or reading by the letter of the law, in which case it should be changed asap.
Are they suggesting that it’s not illegal to hack a big router from an ISP either because it doesn’t store data?

Change the DNS servers of a innocent user and all his data belongs to you?
that can’t be the meaning of laws.

Thanks for the article Ronny. That was a good read.