If you can't afford it....then just ask..


There are many out there who might be able to gather enough to buy a computer but not have enough to buy security or even have access to general help with computers.

I believe access and exposure to computers are vital to the future of human race. So anyone who can’t afford to have Security or a geek to help with stuff, pls PM me with your details, and we will be more than happy to provide 1 year worth of full CIS Complete and GeekBuddy at no cost!

but please only genuine requests.

Bill: Stop PMing me…you own bloody Microsoft, you can easily afford $69 a year!!! :slight_smile:

PS: if you are a school that can’t afford security, or charity, or an organisation doing good work for the community, pls feel free to PM me or any one of our Moderators for this too.



This is how you get the Comodo Internet Security Complete and how to register it:

Download here:


License key:
will be provided to you

Register your license key here:

Please post your replies for a key here:


wow that is a very generous offer. I would hope more people are like you. I wish other companies would do things like this. I would hope that you could give some consideration to donating CIS to computers being redistributed to Africa. They are the next logical step to expose people to technology and they need a solution like CIS. Please check these charities a look. http://www.computers4africa.org/ Computer Labs: technology difference between Africa and developed countries http://www.computers4africa.org.uk/

What a great idea.
If anyone can get in touch with them and tell them about this offer, I would be more than happy to facilitiate it.


I’ll do it, I’ll contact them. This is a great opportunity for Comodo and them. Can I say I represent you guys in this offer?

great thanks!


Email sent - amazing offer Melih!!

That’s really a nice offer Melih.

Being a newbie here, i won’t ask you for the license key. But i really appreciate your generous offer.

Warm Regards

Thank you AvinashR. If you know who needs a helping hand…let us know pls.


I am a respected member of Wilders and i also test various security products and writeup my reviews on the basis of my test results. I know many ppl in India those who can’t afford security products, so i do recommend them CIS or Panda Cloud …because i have found both of these products good.

I will surely writeup a review on CIS and let other know about this offer, I am sure many will be blessed by this offer. :slight_smile:

BTW i also rely on free products, because even i can’t afford security products… :wink:


thank you very much for letting the world know about this offer, many will benefit from this.
Pls check your PM.


Thanks Melih, i have received your PM.

I will get back to you when i will writeup my review and spread this helpful information among others. BTW it would be real pleasure for me if you allow me to translate CIS into Hindi Language. This will help Hindi users too…


that would be great. thank you!


BTW i have spread the information on Wilders Forum too. I hope that won’t be any problem for you and your team. :)…Secondly please do let me know with whom i can have words on translation matter? :smiley:


thank you AvinashR.

Umesh in our forums is the one driving the translation initiative.

thank you


I see… I guess he’s from India. Please do correct me if i am wrong.

BTW i have send you PM, please do check it out.

he is from India but works in our US office in New Jersey…
He is a great addition to Comodo team :slight_smile:


That’s really great !!

BTW do you have any plan to open your office in India…Just Kidding !! ;D

Anyways have you received my PM?

I have an office with 100+ employees in India already :slight_smile:



Pls reply to my PM :D[/b]

That’s really nice…I guess office was at Bangalore…Am i correct?