If you are given a chance to go back in time...

If you are given a chance to go back in time and change or correct one thing, what would it be?

… and no, I did not discover a time machine in case you’re wondering.

I’d go back to when I was a kid and slap myself in the face.

good question … :-TU

hm … hm … hm …

I answer the question when I have found an answer … :wink:

Have you been watching the film I watched awhile back :slight_smile:

It seem to get rather complicated, going back in time to deposit a baby from himself :-\

No nothing, if you could, it could change a lot more than you think by doing one very small change.


Assuming you do not melt like in the movies, if I may ask… Why?
Oh well. Off we go. It’s tea time.

Some are probably willing to take the risk.

Of course things will change, that was the whole point. What would you change/do differently?

To late they have already.

Sorry they are not here any more ;D

Don’t really have regrets… at least, not ones where I can’t change my way. I studied power engineering at some elite school. Can’t say that I liked it but I’ve seen what is difficult and what is easy with different eyes. It was an interesting experience but I wasted a lot of time in something that I’m not very very interested. I wish I studied more computer science but I plan to go to a second university after I make some investments. I’m currently studying forecasting, decision and risk models. The reason why I chose engineering is because student housing was provided for sure. Basically, my choices were:
(a) study engineering at top school, get good grades, very affordable rent;
(b) study computer science at top school, wait at least 1 year in order to prepare in computer science and mathematics, chance that I might not get student housing.

And… maybe I could have dedicated more time in finding true love. :-La

I see no reason not to.

Also, I’d probably look up the winning numbers to some lotteries or whatever before I went back, secure some finance. I’d also bring self-love to another level, in which the slapping takes part, I don’t think you need to inquire further.

I would go back to a day when I was 12 years old . A car hits me with nearly 80 km/h ( in the city ) and hurled me at the sidewalk ! I still suffer from this accident till today .
I would like to undo that , but unfortunately that will never happen … !!! :frowning:

Yeah , that´s it … !!! :-X