If you are a malware hunter read this!

Well i am a malware hunter and i sometimes go on malwaredomain list to submit files to comodo. i love how i can just submit them from the defense + pup up it’s great! You don’t have to do anything!

Help comodo out if your a malware hunter just go on what ever you go on to get malware and just submit it to comodo through the defense + pup up. This really works they add the files to their detections really fast.

thank you!


They add the malware to the database slox. I submited a malware from 2 days. It was 0-day. Now it is detected better (but nut enough), but comodo av doesn’t detect it. :-TD

Thanks for making comodo safer for all of us, but for me I rather not go looking for trouble. ;D

But if you don’t execute it you are safe :wink: Just scanning

They really have got better at detection. And hunting for malware for them to detect is easy maybe if we get a group going it would be even better! Just block all the files and submit them it’s that easy!

Have you considered joining the Malware research group, Kazza5?
Send Melih a PM.

Well i only send it in by using defense plus when dowloading malware so he does not know that i am doing it… so i don’t think i can be come one but i’ll just keep submitting it and help improve comodo.

irrelevant. Send a PM anyhow requesting to join the group. Can’t hurt.

I’m also malware hunter. I visit MDL, download and when COMODO doesn’t detect it i send it to comodo :slight_smile:
People, when you’ve got some malware, which are undetect by COMODO send it to comodo.